Luffy vs kaido theory

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    By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. The villainous Kaido of the One Piece franchise has managed to make a name for himself even prior to his arrival into Wano Country with his Beast Pirates. With a fated battle between the leader of the Beasts and the Straw Hat Pirates, fans are beginning to come up with theories as to who may be the one to finally bring the horn headed behemoth down.

    One Reddit User has detailed an extremely intricate theory as to who may deliver the killing blow to Kaido, should the Devil Fruit wielder fall under a sword during the Wano Country arc:. Reddit User Zorojaan gave an extensive theory as to how Roronoa Zoro will be the one to bring down Kaido, and considering his power up during the Wano Arc as well as hinting at the acquisition of a new sword, this seems to be entirely believable:.

    In the anime, Kaido is barely making his presence known in the country of Wano though in the manga, his presence is hot and heavy as he continues his trek to bring down Monkey D Luffy and his crew.

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    Currently, Kaido is squaring off against Big Mom, the two originally warning one another to back off Luffy as each was looking to lay claim to deliver the killing blow to the straw hat swashbuckler. An epic battle to be sure, we're anxious to see not only who comes away the victor, but how this will be interpreted in the manga. Whether or not Zoro will manage to bring down Kaido is a question we'll surely have answered during this arc, though he's going to have a tough time doing so all the same.

    If you're not too familiar with Kaido, he attempted to defeat Whitebeard in combat and ingested a Devil Fruit that gives him the ability to transform himself into a giant dragon. Remarkably, his giant size is simply biological to him and would make him a threat to the Straw Hats even discounting his transformation ability. What do you think of this One Piece theory?

    luffy vs kaido theory

    Who do you think will be the one to bring down Kaido? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the Grand Line! It has since been collected into over 80 volumes, and has been a critical and commercial success worldwide with many of the volumes breaking printing records in Japan.

    The manga has even set a Guinness World Record for the most copies published for the same comic book by a single author, and is the best-selling manga series worldwide with over million copies sold.

    The series still ranked number one in manga sales inwhich surprised fans of major new entries. Did you know ComicBook. Catch the newest episode right here or subscribe on iTunes today!

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    Remember me on this device Login. Register - Forgot Password. Popular Arrow. Movies Arrow. TV Arrow. Gaming Arrow.

    Community Arrow. Search Search Close Search. He will be taken down by. Start the Conversation.Hey guys! Are you ready for a brand-new One Piece theory? I hope you all are. Quick note, this post is full of spoilers so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. So, without further delay let us begin.

    There are theories that Monkey D Luffy will use his gear 5th against Kaido and that will be enough to defeat him or either he is going to use another more powerful form of the gear 4th. But there is no guarantee that even these ultimate gears of Monkey D Luffy will be enough to defeat a hundred beasts Kaido. So, there could be just that last push that Luffy needs to beat him, and who supplies that last push, that last extra effort to put away Yonko Kaido?

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen Basil Hawkins, in my opinion, will be the one to help Monkey D Luffy to put in that last extra bit of effort to demolish Kaido. Now, I know there are a lot of questions popping up in your head as to why will Basil Hawkins help Luffy when he works for Kaido?

    Even if he decides to help Luffy, what is that he has to offer? I would ask you to sit tight and calmly let me explain to you all what might be the case and, how and why will Hawkins betray Kaido. So, he decided to make an alliance with Eustass Kid and take down Akagami no Shanks. Hawkins and Apoo had no choice but to start working for Kaido at least for now. From the One Piece chapterwe came to know more and more about Basil Hawkins.

    Thus, like Katakuri he is a special paramecia devil fruit user. But Basil Hawkins has other abilities other than his devil fruit powers. He behaves like a fortune-teller and with the help of his cards he is able to tell the future. So, these cards of his possess special powers. These are all great, but the most important thing that he can do is what I believe will be the key to beat Kaido.

    Basil Hawkins clearly mentioned himself that he has a card that pushes people beyond their usual limits. Now, imagine a scenario in which Monkey D Luffy is in his ultimate gear form and fighting Kaido. And at this moment, Basil Hawkins uses this card on Luffy which pushes him beyond his limits, putting him on the same level as the King of Beasts, Kaido himself. It will be like having two Luffys in their ultimate gear form vs Kaido.

    So, now do you think Luffy has a chance of defeating Kaido? If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below.

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    Connect with him on Social Media. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Friday, April 10, Please enter your comment!This here is the cover page of chapterits a chapter which is way past punk hazard arc but I will discuss about this page after some points.

    In the very first arc where Luffy recruits Zoro. From the very beginning of the manga, Oda has posted images of straw hats in samurai or traditional Japanese clothes in OP cover pages. In the cover pages, he has also shown Zoro as tiger multiple times and he has shown straw hats with a dragon, also one thing I common in all that is Luffy, Nami and Zoro.

    Now the theory is Zoro and Luffy both will kill Kaido in Wano arc and Nami will somehow be involved in that combat and is gonna play an important role. So we can say kaido represents a Dragon. And through various cover pages, we know that Zoro represents Tiger. Now when we were in punk hazard arc while slaying dragon Luffy and Zoro both killed that dragon which was foreshadowing of the fight with kaido and Zoro used the move ultimate tiger hunt against that dragon it looks like Oda is saying just guess it already man.

    Those bandages on Luffy and Zoro show that it will be them who will be involved in direct combat with Kaido. So now it needs to b done by Oda because 1. Zoro was not highlighted which ultimately made him lose his 2nd position in latest OP fan poll 2. Oda foreshadowed that Kaido cant be killed in One on One combat 3.

    You can check all the cover pages of One Piece on wikia page. They have given the description of each page. Please do share the content if you like it and please comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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    Comment Name Email Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Next Post: Top 10 most badass Anime characters Ranked.So read at your own risk you've been warned.

    So now that's all out of the way let's commence with my new theory and a reminder I'm just doing this for fun. So Straight out the gate I don't think that in Wano the fight against Kaido will be between just Luffy. The Wano Arc is drawing closer and as of yet even Oda doesn't know how he is gonna take down Kaido.

    So as of right now I have thought of this possible scenario that would not only be epic but help even out the power differences between the Yonko and Luffy.

    Luffy vs Kaido: How Will Luffy Defeat Kaido? (Fan Theory)

    My scenario is that a mega alliance will be established with the supernovas and I mean all of them lol. I know I'm gonna get people who disagree with me but hear me out before you disagree. A lot of the supernovas are already in Wano territory and there might be more coming. So first let's start with who already is in Wano or most likely is before we speculate the others. So we all know that Kid got wrecked by Kaido and is in a holding cell within Kaido's territory. Making him guaranteed to be in Wano Country as Kaido taunted him while Kid was messed up in the cell.

    Now that's 1 supernova in Wano we can check off.

    luffy vs kaido theory

    We also know that currently Law and Zoro are currently heading to Wano supposedly laying low until Luffy comes thru with Sanji from Whole Cake. So once Luffy wraps up the Whole Cake Arc and rolls thru to Wano that will be an additional 3 more supernovas bringing the grand total to 4. It's also been confirmed that of the existing Supernovas that both X-Drake and Scratchmen Apoo are working under Kaido. Now with those 2 in the mix that brings the grand total to 6 members of the supernovas that are currently in Wano or have some affiliation or are currently seeking Kaido.

    As they were all gathered at Kid's base to form an alliance prior to Kaido crash landing but it was never established.

    Although since that introduction they have yet to make any sort of Cameo but it's most likely that they are presently within Wano. As I doubt Killer would leave his Captain imprisoned in a cell by this suicidal Yonko. While Hawkins is probably working under Kaido as of right now similar to Scratchmen Apoo. Also I just want to say a lot of people in the One Piece community think that Apoo was working with Kaido prior to his him falling on Kid's Base I disagree.

    Anyway I thoroughly believe he has only joined Kaido for survival at this point. Now with all of those people list that brings the grand total to 8 Supernovas who are or possibly could be in Wano or are working for Kaido. Now if you couldn't tell by the title lol I strongly think the Oda is hinting at the fact that Wano is going to draw the supernovas together just similarly to the Sabaody Archipelago Arc.

    Almost all of the Supernovas have had some sort of encounter with Kaido, working with him, or are targeting him. Even the Mad Monk Urouge sited Kaido on his sky island, now he hasn't fought him directly but Urouge isn't necessarily scared to go into Yonko territory. As though it's just speculation I'm more than positive that Urouge will most likely touch down in Wano after he takes his bandages off by the time the Wano Arc starts he should be healed.Ok so this is a questionable theory however chapter 's ending and the Sabaody arc has given me this idea.

    So at the end of it's definitely Apoo who was talking to Kaido, so it's confirmed he joined his crew after the events of Kaido first appearance. Although Kid was planning on allying with Apoo and Hawkins. It makes me think Kidd lost to Kaido after and escaped. Kid likely knows Kaido is on Wano and it wouldn't surprise me if we could see Kid there, not to join the alliance of course but just to fight alongside them against Kaido.

    It's definitely not a full proof theory but the fight Luffy, Law and Kid had vs the marines in Sabaody could have been a foreshadowing for the three to fight together again, just like Law and Luffy's alliance was foreshadowed after the War of the Best. Furthermore, it's not uncommon for rivals to team up in manga Goku-Piccolo, Goku-Vegeta, Naruto-Sasuke, Ichigo-Ishida, Lelouch-Suzaku ect so despite their differences it's a possibility that Luffy and Kid could join forces vs Kaido because right now the alliance needs as much help as it can get to take down Kaido.

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    So at the end of it's definitely Apoo who was talking to Kaido, so it's confirmed he joined his crew after the events of Kaido first appearance Although Kid was planning on allying with Apoo and Hawkins.

    Kid likely knows Kaido is on Wano and it wouldn't surprise me if we could see Kid there, not to join the alliance of course but just to fight alongside them against Kaido It's definitely not a full proof theory but the fight Luffy, Law and Kid had vs the marines in Sabaody could have been a foreshadowing for the three to fight together again, just like Law and Luffy's alliance was foreshadowed after the War of the Best.

    Likes 6. Comments 0. Like 6. Into Anime? Join the community. Get App. More from Taylor. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.One Piece 's current primary antagonist, Kaido, seems almost too powerful to dent.

    luffy vs kaido theory

    Even if he weren't able to transform into a dragon that can melt mountains whenever he's in a drunken rage, he still put down Luffy with a few hits. In many anime, the protagonist would be forced to train intensely to become strong enough to defeat a villain of that magnitude. Or, perhaps, they would develop a new technique perfectly suited for taking down such a powerful foe. There are many people who want to beat the villain, so Luffy would have a lot of help. Luffy is undeniably strong; in his Fourth Gear, he can ignite the air around him with his punches alone.

    One Piece Manga 975 Spoilers Released: Raid Starts

    However, even with all of his strength, Kaido defeated Luffy with a few hits, and imprisoned him. While stuck in jail, Luffy reunited with Eustass Kid, one of the infamous "Worst Generation," who is entirely unimpressed with his feats, such as defeating Doflamingo who had been supplying Kaido with artificial Devil Fruits.

    He has mere weeks before he has to overthrow Kaido and liberate Wano.

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    Time is of the essence, and he can't simply get stronger. He will need to use strategy and coordination against Kaido, which requires the help of the Worst Generation. Teach -- who arrived on Sabaody Archipelago before the Battle of Marineford.

    These 12 amassed incredible bounties on their heads, becoming some of the most widely feared and respected pirates around. The remaining four -- Teach, Capone Bege, Jewelry, and Uroge -- are either elsewhere or haven't come into play in this arc. Just about all of these characters have at least a small reason to turn on Kaido. Furthermore, while Appo, Hawkins and Drake work for Kaido, there's no guarantee they won't turn on him, if there's profit to be had.

    They might even offer inside information that could help the pirates to gain access to Kaido in his most vulnerable state. The simple fact also is that the Worst Generation isn't the only group Luffy has on his side. On top of that, Luffy has contacts within Whitebeard's crew, which was led by Marco following Whitebeard's demise, although Marco has since resigned to be a doctor in his old town.

    He seems interested in Luffy and his exploits, making it possible he might have a change in heart and bring together Whitebeard's crew for one final assault on Wano.

    Luffy’s Ultimate Power-Up Vs Kaido: Hawkins’ Role Explained

    The point of the matter is that Luffy doesn't have to fight Kaido alone. The one time he did, Luffy was flattened in a couple of blows. The only way, seemingly, for Luffy to beat Kaido is to work together with his crew and all of the others to take down one of the mightiest adversaries to ever sail the high seas.

    Lifelong lover of comics, anime, and weird films. Loves different varieties of coffee. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

    Share Tweet Email 0. With a Shocking Hustle.The fight between Luffy and Kaido has been under wild hype and spans for many years. It was in the Punk Hazard arc, back in the yearwhen the idea of defeating Kaido was revealed. Since then, Luffy vs Kaido has been subjected to anticipation. And now, 7 years later, we are finally within earshot!

    The third arc of Wano has begun, the flashback arc has ended, plunging us fans into the present timeline. We are here to provide a One Piece theory, that takes into account, multiple fan theories, all over Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit and so.

    Let us take a look. Also, check out our articles on sites to read one piece and sites to watch one piece episodes.

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    In the latest flashback arc, Oden met his death at the hands of Kaido. Oden warned Kaido to build his strength while he still had the chance. From this, we know that Kaido will have a confrontation with this figure and it will lead to his defeat.

    Luffy is the one who will find the One Piece and since Joyboy was the one who left the treasure in Laugh tale, we can speculate, that this individual is indeed Luffy. Law is known to be a person of keen intellect and there must be a deeper reason behind him targeting Kaido. So there must be an underlying reason for Law targeting Kaido. Kaido can be seen as Napolean, someone who was feared to be undefeatable and he was allied to Doflamingo. Dressrosa is very similar to Spain, given the names, the clothing, the setting; in retrospect, Napolean was allied to Spain during his reign.

    On the other hand, we have the Ninja-Pirates-Samurai-Mink alliance, which is similar to the Coalition forces of Britain which took down Napolean.

    Water Law! So, we can conclude that Oda has been inspired by this historic battle to write the event of the Yonko Saga.

    One Piece Theory Picks Out the Hero Who Will Really Defeat Kaido

    The fall of Kaido is close. Make sure to check his work out on youtube. Reaching Kaido is not an easy feat. He is heavily guarded by his troops.

    These warriors live up to the expectations of Kaido and so, they must be incredibly strong. They also have a huge number of grunts and low-tier men. The Scabbards will deal with the Kurozumi Family. Franky will help them with the directions as he has all the blueprints. They will take down the Oniwabanshu and the Mimawarigumi. Shinobu and Raizo will lead the charge. They will be aided by the Kyoshiro family.

    In One Piece mangait has was released that Denjiro has been masquerading as Kyoshiro for 20 years and he will finally get his chance. With the end of Orochi and his tyranny, they will avenge Oden. Orochi has scattered the alliance and it will be Kyoshiro, who will reunite them.

    Luffy 's ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION vs. The Yonko Kaido?? -- One Piece


    Luffy vs kaido theory

    The One Piece manga spoilers finally got released and we get to read more on what happens between the fight against the beast pirates and the Strawhat Alliance. Oda is giving us one good chapter after another, the last chapter was all about the traitor reveal and now this chapter we get to see our beloved Luffy after so long. It seems like the war has started and all the straw hats are back again after so much time and we get to see them all on the Thousand Sunny Go. The One Piece is on break next week because of Oda taking a break due to Coronavirus.

    So there will be no One Piece chapter next week. Before we get started with the Spoilers for One Piece mangacheck out our articles on Luffy vs Kaido and list of best anime streaming websites. Luffy, Law, and Kid are going on against the Beast pirates and it seems like they are fighting more against themselves than fighting against the beast pirates.

    The Supernova trio is back again with a bang and it seems like Oda planned it beforehand. Luffy, Law and Kid are fighting with each other while powering up. Luffy instantly goes to Gear 4, Law uses his Room, and Kid uses his electromagnetic power, all in order to attack the beast pirates. Denjiro arrives at the port and reveals himself as Kyoshhiro to all the scabbards and first, they are not able to recognize him but soon they recognize Kyoshiro to be Denjiro. Kyoshiro comes back with all the samurai in the jail and it seems like the full-on battle will be starting from the next chapter.

    The last One Piece manga spoilers is of Kinemon in a very serious but weird face. All will be cleared when the official chapter gets released online.

    Why Luffy vs Kaido Round 2 Will Be MUCH Different - One Piece Discussion

    These are the rough translations and that is why you might find some errors in the chapter. Since mangastream has stopped One Piece scanlations, the raw scans are getting released late. The One Piece chapter will be officially released this Sunday on 22nd March You can read the chapter officially on Viz and Mangaplus.

    Keep visiting our site for more One Piece news and the next chapter is on break and similarly, Solo Leveling Chapter went on hiatus as well.

    The chapter is on break next week, so Chapter will be released on 5th April Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Table of Contents. When will One Piece Chapter get released?

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    luffy vs kaido theory

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    luffy vs kaido theory

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